Nokia Booklet 3G – Nokia’s first netbook!

Yup, it’s official… the Fins have had enough of Apple, Dell and all the other companies that have been beating up their market share in the last few years in the mobility technology space and Nokia has officially announced that the Nokia Booklet 3G netbook just weeks before the Annual Nokia World 2009.

Technical specs will be announced on the 2nd or 3rd of September 2009 at the Nokia World, but to get us Nokia nuts salivating, they have released the teaser video in the mean time and a press release highlighting a few nifty features, like:

12 hour battery life – The device also weighs 1.25kgs and is 10″ big, so this is no tiny achievement, it is an engineering milestone. You can imagine just how¬† freaking awesome this is, considering that Apple brags about their 7 hr battery life!

A-GPS – highlighting the relevance and importance of Location Based Services within the Nokia and Ovi portfolio and the viability of true mobility.

Full Ovi integration – highlighting that Nokia is putting its money behind Cloud Computing and hoping that it could stimulate its users to get them more aggressively to use the Cloud.

HDMI – A hint that Nokia sees this device being used with external peripherals quite a bit and lean toward the idea this could either be a media device and/or a device that is often plugged into projectors or monitors in the boardroom.

I don’t care when this device launches, my loyalty to Nokia has yet to be challenged and I WILL get one of these.


Dee Chetty is a South Africa- and India-educated web junkie. Focusing on strategy and new developments, Dee finds himself pushing the limits of innovation with his ideas. Dee loves open-source, mobile technologies and location-driven applications. He is an Apple fanboy & a die-hard Audi fan.

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  1. Aslam Levy says:

    Where do you think they will position the booklet3G in terms of price?
    Between netbook and laptops?

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