Audi charges $46000 for yellow paint!

In what I hope is a website bug, the Audi USA website A4 configurator has the new B8 Audi s4 sporting one of the most expensive paint jobs cashing in at a whopping $46 000 for the “Imola Yellow”. I’m a massive Audi fan and while I totally dig this colour, I highly recommend you check out the “Lava Grey”. I just bought my second A4 in that colour and I’m still totally in love with it!

Pls click on the pic to view larger image


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2 Responses

  1. My mom thought about buying something similiar to that, but couldn’t find a good price for one. How much did you pay for that one?

  2. Can’t really go wrong with the car, decent gas mileage and looks very nice if you ask me.

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