Nokia N8 is about to hit South Africa, brace yourself!

Nokia N8 is just weeks away from launching and the competitions are all over the interwebs with iMod promising to give-away an N8 this week and iGeek giving one away next week. Check out all the hype on Nokia’s new South African Blog, Ringaz.

If you haven’t heard yet, this device is the hottest Nokia out there right now and built on the Finnish company’s new OS, Symbian^3. The phone is being pitched as a highly customisable phone with multiple homescreens and widgets galore to set the phone up and the user interface the way users prefer.

Some of the crazy cool feature highlights are:

  • 12 Megapixel photo camera
  • Full HD Video capture
  • USB in (That’s right, you can insert a USB Flash drive or USB Hard drive directly into the device to browse and use files on the external USB device. It’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen!)
  • HDMI out allowing users to plug the ┬áNokia N8 directly into HD TVs for viewing of video, photos and other digital content.
  • etc, etc.

Download the full Nokia N8 User Guide here.

These videos are official Nokia releases and highlight just some of the coolness:

Nokia N8 Introduction Video:

Nokia N8 Gaming Video:

Nokia N8 12MP Camera Video:


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