Julius Malema steps down as ANCYL leader!

So this article has just been posted on the official ANC Youth League website: http://www.ancyl.org.za/

This is a screen shot of the article that is currently on the website:

Here is a copy of the transcript of the notice:

Julius Malema to Step Down as Youth League President

29 March 2011

After much thought I Julius Malema have decided to step down as ANC Youth league President.

There are a few reasons why this is essential, namely:

  • I have brought my party the ANC in to disripute
  • I have disrespected my elders and have made a fool out of myself
  • I promote Nationalization even though i have no concerpt of how it works or its blacklash to the economy
  • I promote my own agenda over my country’s and parties
  • I promote the singing racist songs to promote violence and un-rest in the country
  • I do not consider youth issues

It is with great hope that I step down and welcome a new era in the ANCYL, one where thought and vison inspire our country rather then racism and personal ambition destroy it.


Julius Malema

Posted by the {Blah Blah} Protest group

This is clearly a result of someone hacking their website! :)


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6 Responses

  1. Feylian says:

    Thank you for the prompt action!

  2. Charl van Niekerk says:

    I wonder who was behind this… Is “blacklash” supposed to be a weird racial pun?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi 5 to the Blah Blah Protest Group!!!


  4. DChetty says:

    @Feylian – It was removed minutes after my post went up, so it was a very close call :)

    @CharlvN – No clue. What did get my attention was that relative to other ANCYL press releases, there were far too few spelling mistakes.

    @ChrisM – Was it you?

  5. Jaqui H says:

    Brilliant …. we can but hope!!

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