How to block a number on Blackberry!

Blackberry comes with some very cool security features that most other handsets don’t bother with and allow 3rd party apps to handle this. This is a very nifty feature and is very simple to activate.

How to access the Block List management menu:

  • Press the MENU key from the homescreen
  • Go to ADRESS ¬†BOOK and click on the MENU button
  • Go to MANAGE NUMBERS and then scroll down to BLOCK LIST.


How to add a number to the Block List:

  • Select the option CONTACTS or RECENT CONTACTS from the menu
  • Select the contact/s that you would like to add by checking the tick boxes. You can do as many as you’d like at the same time.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking YES and then MENU.
  • Scroll to SAVE to store this contact block list.



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