MWEB fights for Naked ADSL! |Video

MWEB has started a campaign for Naked ADSL and this is a cause that REALLY needs as much support as possible as it is currently corporate rape that Telkom is allowed to charge us for Telkom landline rentals for phone lines that we do not want in order to get access to ADSL line rentals.

The unbundling of these two products will be a huge saving to those who already have ADSL, but don’t use their landlines and also make ADSL more accessible to those who can not afford the combined cost of both the Telkom phone line and the ADSL line rentals.

This video by MWEB explains the entire issue:

Pledge your support for the movement by joining their Facebook campaign.

DISCLAIMER: I am an EX-employee of MWEB and currently have no relationship with them. This post is purely as a result of the fact that I completely support unbundling of ADSL line rentals and can not wait for Naked ADSL. :)


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