How to download and update iOS6 for iPhone, iPod & iPad!

Moments ago, Apple released the most anticipated iOS yet, iOS6 for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It is available as an over the air update for users of iOS5 and above. The total file size is about 600MB depending on which device you will be updating and if you are on a 3G data bundle it is exceptionally expensive to this via 3G.

To do the over the air update for iOS6 for iPhone, iPod and iPad go to: Settings > General > Software Update


The full set of iOS6 updated features can be found here.

To download the ipsw files for a manual installation of iOS6 on either your iPhone, iPod or iPad, download the relevant version of iOS6 below:

Download iOS6 for iPhone:

Download iOS6 for iPod Touch:


Download iOS6 for iPad:

Once you have downloaded the file, in order to install it, you will need the latest version of iTunes.

Don’t forget to do a full backup of your device before updating to iOS6, as you do this update completely at your own risk.





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  1. Robbie says:

    Well done on getting this out on the web so fast. I’m a South-African myself and I’m very proud when we get stuff done :)

  2. DChetty says:

    Thanks Robbie. I appreciate your compliment. :)

  3. Adhir says:

    The links for GSM and CDMA need to be swapped. GSM is ,3 and CDMA is ,2

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