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OneWebDay is an annual celebration of the internet held usually on September 22nd.

The guys at Intel decided to take things a bit further this year and have selected a few countries where they will be giving away their latest Ultrabook* devices to random people within these countries. This year, South Africa made the cut as one of these countries, along with Germany. Spain and Russia, becse of our love for the internet and because South African’s have stepped up their love for a digitally connected lifestyle.

With Intel’s portfolio now spanning across devices such as laptops, servers, PCs, smart phones, etc, it makes sense for them to support the OneWebDay campaign as many of their devices already leverage the internet and support some sort of data-enabled service.

Check out the OneWebDay website get more details on what it is and support its efforts in building awareness of the successes of the internet as well awareness of the open network principles that has been at the core of the internet’s success to date.

There are quite a few OneWebDay stories which are contributed to by the internet-using-public which can be found on the website which highlight the relevance of an open web standard that allows all our devices to connect to each other effortlessly and support the transfer of data between devices using the internet, which will in turn allow for the internet to expand further across more devices, across continents and into communities which were previously disconnected from the rest of the world.

You can also pick up on tweets about OneWebDay using the hashtag: #OneWebDay. There’s also a section of how you can get involved on the website & what you can do to support the campaign.

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*What is an Ultrabook?



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