Just over a week ago, I posted about Intel’s #OneWebDay campaign where they planned on giving away Intel powered Ultrabooks to random twitter users who engaged with the hashtag #OneWebDay. It turns out that the lucky South African who won was @davegreenway among a few other fellas across the globe.

Ultrabooks are the newest segment of devices that are similar to laptops, but lighter, smaller, faster and are often impressively spec’ed which run Intel’s newest processor range.

Intel uses a single Twitter account across Africa which is run out of South Africa and seem to be super active with their tweets so I’d recommend you follow them at @Intel_Africa or https://twitter.com/Intel_Africa to help them connect & build relationships with technology users and stay in tune with other campaigns similair to #OneWebDay that Intel is a part of.

Check out @davegreenway’s reaction on Twitter to the announcement that he won the Intel Ultrabook and a pic of the device here. I have to admit, I’m super jealous of the bugger!



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