Jaguar XJ L SuperSport – As close to perfect as it could get!

Rarely, do I drive a car and have nothing negative to say about it. There’s always at least 1 thing that stands out as brutally annoying that I can’t help but notice. On the Land Rover Discovery, it’s the retractable top-sheet cover in the boot, in the Audi A4, it’s position of the USB port, in the Golf 6, its the fact that centre console lid slides forward to open and not backward to open. I have at least one gripe with every car that I’ve ever driven. With the Jaguar XJ L SuperSport, there is nothing that I can critique negatively, I looked. This car is without a doubt the closest to perfection that a car could potentially be.

It’s beautiful car to look at, it’s quite a big heavy car, so the doors are heavy and the leather feels like it came from well-fed cows, the carpets offer a similar plushness as to carpets found in extremely expensive hotels and the power… well… let’s just say that it is undoubtedly the most brutally powerful car that I’ve ever driven.

It’s top speed is limited to 250km/h and launches from standstill to 100km/h in under 4.9 seconds using 510hp with an incredible torque reading of 625Nm developed from its 5.0l Supercharged engine. This power while impressive among other luxury sedans, it’s performance is also comparable to sportcars, with t being quicker than most Porsche’s, which makes this feat even more impressive due to the fact that it is a long-wheelbased hotel room.


What I liked:

The gadgets: This car is full of them. Wireless headphones in the rear for each TV screen, hard-drive powered media centres, dual sectional sunroof, rear motorised sun visors on all windows, heated & cooled adjustable seats in the front and rear, multiple USB ports, table tops in the rear which is appropriate for documents and laptops. This list can go on.

The luxury: Soft leather seats, solid wood panelling, leather dashboard and door linings, super-soft plush carpets with foot rests for rear passengers, massage features on all seats and the mega-multifunctional steering wheel.

The look: the design of the XJ series is incredibly seductive with its large swooping roof line and soft curves on the rear, but maintains its aggressive design heritage with its flat front diamond grill and 20″ wheels.

What I don’t like:

The price: After driving this car for a week, it was incredibly difficult to give it back and I’ve wanted one since. The only catch to getting one of these puppies is that it costs a staggering R1.8million excluding extras.

To demonstrate it’s brutal power, here’s a drag race video of it beating the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS and the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG in multiple tests:


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