The All New 2015 Volvo XC90 !

Being the left of centre player in the premium car segment is definitely working well for the Swedish Volvo brand. Centre of course being the German players with brand like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche usually dominating the upper budget car sector, whether its the hatch segment or the SUV segment, they tend to dominate usually. Until recently though. The Swedes have recently been releasing vehicles that compete head on with the Germans and in some cases have successfully delivered cars that beat some of the German contenders, think C30 vs the new A-class Merc.

And now, taking a left hook to the jaw of the big SUV segment, Volvo has announced the all new XC90 which is expected to hit the streets in April 2015. We’ll probably see these cars in SA later in 2015. With no local pricing confirmed just yet, its tough to tell just how popular the XC90 will be locally, but I can tell you that with its proposed feature list, it definitely should be on your list when considering the BMW X5, Merc’s ML and the Audi Q7.

It’s definitely a stunner, I mean just look at it! Expect it to packed with more safety and technology features to the brim, like Volvo’s City Safety, Pedestrian Airbags, etc.

Here are a few pics to perv at in the time:










Volvo have announced that they will only make 1927 “First Edition” versions of the XC90, which will full spec cars and available for online purchasing only. Added features will include a 1400 watt Bowers and Wilkins sound system, a tablet like interface on the dash with a 12″ screen that controls most of the car and special engine variants that are sure to excite the bejesus out of the heavy-footed drivers.





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