Ambitious But Rubbish – Top Gear – Lifetime Warranty – The Jet Car!

A few weeks ago, the fellas at Total Exposure reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be a part of a Top Gear challenge with a prize to drive to on the infamous Top Gear track in the UK. Short of telling them “Hells yeah!”, I agreed.

They sent me a car to use as the base for my “Ambitious but Rubbish” project, much like the boat cars, the hover van and the train tracked jag that the fellas of Top Gear have built over the years.

I’ve checked out some of the competition, and while they have done a fine job of making their cars look like the poster of a child in Boksburg, none of them have actually lived up to what “Ambitious but Rubbish” is, so I’m feeling pretty confident about getting to high-five the Stig in a few weeks. :))

So, here is how it all went down:

1) Lifetime Warranty pondered about becoming a Capetonian:

AbutR 8

2) Lifetime Warranty then considered something slightly more lofty:

AbutR 7

3) Lifetime Warranty checked out the 3 Minion fellas, a short one, a tall one and one with terrible hair:

AbutR 6

4) Without figuring out what Lifetime Warranty wanted to be just yet, we took it on a trip to our top secret engineering dept. And on the way, we went to the airport, had coffee, made friends with the Kulula guy and checked out Cape Town:

AbutR 5

AbutR 4

5) Feeling inspired, Lifetime Warranty decided that it wanted to be… wait for it… a JET CAR. A twin jet-engined propelled car with wings and the aero dynamics of its distant cousin, Boeing. Apparently, they’re related on Lifetime Warranty’s mothers side. Engineering soon began on the first ever @TopGearSA & @BBCEnt_SA #AbutR JetCar.

AbutR 3

AbutR 2

6) Behold… Lifetime Warranty… South Africa’s first JET CAR.

AbutR 1


AbutR 9

TopGearSA’s truly Ambitious and not entirely Rubbish competition entrant from me.

Don’t forget to watch Top Gear’s latest season of Ambitious but Rubbish on BBC Entertainment on 10 September 2014 at 8pm, where they plan on re-living the past 21 seasons of project cars.


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